Canvas + Glue Gun

I was born an artistic person. My childhood consisted of playing with Sculpey, making tiny beaded animals((shout out to the McCole’s and the Alvin’s, who are in most of my memories as I think about doing these things!), using lacing cord to make lanyards, cutting apart magazines and photographs to make giant collages, and doodling on any paper in front of me. My favorite artsy pastime was painting pottery.  (shout out to the McCole’s and the Alvin’s, who are in most of my memories as I think about doing these things!)


I have continued to enjoy doing artistic things like decorating or re-decorating any space, painting furniture to give it a new look but most of my creative energy has been directed from a computer doing graphic design. This hiatus from having a job and attending school, while I fight for my life, has given me the opportunity to strengthen my artistic abilities and it’s the only thing I can do for hours on end and be totally comfortable and content. Projects take me a long time but I don’t have any time constraints so it works out well.

Fortunately, I learned about Pintrest early on in my treatment. I’ve created numerous items, some worked and others were complete flops but no matter the outcome it was the process of doing it that has helped me the most. I wrote earlier about grieving my diagnosis through creating a bright mosaic table.

art projects

I wanted to share with you a few other projects I’ve created. Some of them anyone could master even the most artistically challenged.  I share this because it has been helpful in my healing process and I want to expose you to a few possibilities that could help or inspire you. Above are letters “ROAR”, for a baby room with a dinosaur theme that I painted to match the room. Next, I found a mirror with a unique frame and used spray paint to cover the mirror with chalkboard paint and the frame with metallic silver. Then I cut out decals so the sign could be used for my sister’s pre-wedding golf scramble.  The bottom row shows my mosaic table in progress and still needs to be painted and grouted. Center you see lingerie cookies for a lingerie party for one of my best friends. It was the coolest find to take heart shaped cookies(both hearts are upside-down for the breasts and the butt) and decorate them each in cute lingerie. And the last one was birthday hats for the newborn my nephew that say “Today’s my birthday” and “Breastfeeder in Training”.

Here’s one of my favorites and easiest one for anyone to do. I find real motivation in having words around me reminding me to motivate me. In the past I’ve purchased frames or art with inspirational words but I found an easy and cheap way to make any phrase I wanted! The phrase that carried me a long is “This is not easy, but it’s worth every minute.”

Want to create your own? It’s so simple! First, buy a canvas (you may also need latex paint, paint brush, glue and glue gun, and a pencil), print out the wording and size you’d like on your canvas. On the back of the printer paper trace the letters thick with a pencil. Then lay the computer paper down flat and trace over the letter to transfer the graphite onto the canvas. Next remove the computer paper and make sure you can see your letters on the canvas. That the hardest part! The next step is to heat up your glue gun and begin tracing your letters. Allow the glue to dry and paint the canvas and letters any color that inspires you!

canvas and glue gun

Anyway I hope I inspired someone with my projects. It’s been so helpful to process and helps me to stay motivated with this journey.  Have a great night everyone!





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