Cashing In Some Spoons & Testing My Limits


Today is going to be a great test of my limits.  Typically I don’t try to push my limits, or if you understand the Spoon Theory, I don’t try to use up all my spoons each day. I like to leave one or two in reserve for big and special days.

Today, I have the honor of hosting a baby shower for one of my most favorite people in the world, Olivia.  Liv’s maid-of-honor, who did most of the planning for the party, unfortunately had a situation at work and she can’t leave Las Vegas to host the baby shower in Reno (We are gonna miss you Jill!). I have been slowly improving, so last week when I found out she might not be coming, I offered to be a backup host. I’m pretty excited because it will be a test of my limits.  The last time I tested my limits was our trip to Disneyland and I have concrete proof that I am getting better with stamina and endurance.  🙂

I went to bed earlier at 8:30pm and woke up about 10:30pm feeling really toxic and nauseous.  I started a castor oil pack, did a coffee enema, drank magnesium Calm powder…pretty much my perfect recipe for detoxing and feeling better.  I should be able to fall back to sleep when I am done writing this post.

Then I’ve got to get up around 7:30 and have an exciting morning planned with my sisters.  They are taking me shopping to get some cute clothes because I’m sick of living in yoga pants and plain t-shirts. This is my birthday present from both of them and I am SO excited. I have lived in yoga pants for far too long, but I kept on waiting for the big weight loss my doctors told me they thought I’d get, but I’ve been waiting over a year and I’m over it. I want and need to take back my femininity. I think this is a super important part to taking back my life.  My hope is I won’t have to wear these clothes forever. It’s kinda like pregnant women not wanting to buy maternity clothing because it’s just temporary, but my temporary has stuck around for far too long! So yeah, shopping with the sisters while enjoying a nice almond milk chai tea latte then off to the baby shower! I’m gonna be toast come tomorrow late afternoon/evening, but it will be interesting for me to see how long my recovery time is on Saturday night or Sunday.

In the past, a day like this could land me in bed for 2-3 days straight. So who knows! I’ll keep you posted.  I am excited to cash in some of my reserve spoons and see how the day goes.  I’m hoping for lots of fun and energy tomorrow! I’m detoxed, well rested and so excited for a good day tomorrow.

My biggest fear is on am on a new anti-parasitic for Liver Flukes which makes me so incredibly nauseous and its a different breed of nausea than I’ve had before…and it makes me light-headed and dizzy. Today is worth cashing in my spoons and pushing my limits. I get some great quality sister time then celebrating the baby who will be here in June! I’m so excited to be an adopted auntie again to this little one, (we don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl)! but I love the theme of the nursery…it’s Peter Pan which is gender neutral and totally cute in every way!



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