The Holidays


The holidays were great. I was more active than I ever have been. I helped cook my first Thanksgiving and we spent it at the fire station because Justin was on shift that day. It was small and quiet but absolutely perfect. It was a big accomplishment to make half the food for Thanksgiving. I definitely have work to do to make it better, but it was my first one and I was pretty proud. What a drastic change from previous years where I barely had enough energy to sit at the table much less help in any way!

Christmas was much more active and drawn out. We spend almost a week celebrating in Disneyland with Justin’s parents. It was a lovely vacation and I love Disneyland at Christmas. I was able to do the park without even thinking of grabbing a wheelchair! Christmas Eve we spent the day with my mom and her family. I was in the kitchen cooking up a ton of food, laughing and joking around all day. Then we headed to Reno for Christmas morning with Justin’s family and then spent the evening with my dad’s family. It was a long couple of days but I managed it! Even though I was still in treatment (see My “Relapse” and Hiding My Treatment) for the holidays it wasn’t that bad. I still had a great time and celebrated the birth of Jesus with all three parts of my family. Each of my family members commented on how different it was to have me around and active. My health was a gift all on it’s own this year.