First Learning About Functional Medicine


I was introduced to functional medicine through a random message on Facebook from a friend. She had recently seen a post from some doctors in my area discussing the functional medicine approach to Lyme disease.

I listed to an educational video and everything resonated with me. I had to learn more. I was in a state of being healthy and had been told by my Lyme literate doctor to “be free and fly” but I wan’t fully stable with my health.


I watched this video: Separating Fact from Fiction done by Dr. Martin Rutherford and Dr. Randall Gates regarding Lyme. I listened to what they had to say about Lyme patients and us being a challenging group to work with. I also heard them say they understood how Lyme patients have been ostracized by the medical community and they understood how challenging that was for a person. The doctors at Power Health also matched my belief of not being engulfed by my Lyme diagnosis and the co-infections I’ve battled.  I wasn’t their typical patient, but but my body was still out of balance. My immune system was compromised and I couldn’t look at my nieces and nephews without getting sick. This was problematic for me trying to get back into the workforce after about five years of being homebound. I thought I needed to boost my immune system, and Dr. Gates and Dr. Rutherford seemed to know a lot about Lyme and a lot about the immune system. I was intrigued and called to get a consultation.

I really love that functional medicine looks at each person as a whole. Any diagnosis you’ve been given does not define you, it is nearly part of the equation that brought you to this place in life. Instead, functional medicine looks at the root causes to issues. Things like were you breast or bottle fed? What was your childhood like? Have you endured a lot of stress and trauma in your life? Were you put on a lot of antibiotics? These things along with so many other factors play into who you are and the current state of your health. In Western medicine today, we see the medical model prescribing a “pill for every ill” but not recognizing that one issue may be connected to another. This is what I LOVE about functional medicine. By treating the root causes we can improve our whole self.