Be Free and Fly

My blog is called Twist of Lyme and I aim to transition my blog to being my life with a twist of Lyme. Lyme no longer defines me. It was a huge part of my past and something I have grown from. I am stronger, more determined, and more steadfast than I ever knew humanly possible.

As may of you may or may not know, my husband Justin is a firefighter paramedic, which makes me a fire wife. I had my first experience this year with him being sent out for a wildland fire. The state of California is in a state of emergency and thousands if not tens of thousands of firefighters have been sent from all over to help in the efforts, Justin was one of those. I was so excited for him to go and learn knew skills and gain experience but the sobering reality is wild land fires are crazy dangerous. There were two fatalities during the time Justin was away which was really heartbreaking. Communication is scarce and I just had to trust God that he was safe and helping others.

One risk with going on a wildfire is you never know how long you will be gone for. We took the odds and agreed for him to go, even though it gave a possibility of him missing my (hopefully) last appointment with my Lyme specialist in Redwood City. The odds were against us and I ended up going to the appointment without him.

I was bummed to not have Justin with me, but I knew it was a risk when I agreed for him to go. I found a good friend of mine to come with me and be a substitute! At the appointment I received some of the best news I’ve ever heard. I am in the clear to get my port out! I am officially done done with treatment. This last year has been a lot of pulsing and going longer and longer in-between medications and I am finally able to turn another page! I am not jumping the gun this time and it feels so good to be able to say goodbye to my central line. My doctor answered a lot of questions for me and in the end he told me to not live in fear of Lyme coming back and also not to be ignorant if it does. One of the last things he told me was, “be free and fly”.   I can’t wait to fly and move forward!


These bubbles are “Never had since last appointment” or “Much Better since last appointment”. It’s crazy to see the dots in such order and not all over the place!


Waiting for the doctor to come in!

Esther's turn to drive!

Esther’s turn to drive home!