Food As Medicine Documentary

Good morning! I woke up and learned about a great new documentary available for free on Amazon Prime! This documentary reinforces a lot of the things I’m learning in school, in addition to what I’ve experienced in my own journey.

For me I did an extensive elimination diet which helped me learn what foods cause inflammation in my body. Foods like tomatoes, peppers, and rice do not help my body optimally function. Those foods sound healthy, but after doing an elimination diet I learned they weren’t good for me and cause me a lot of pain and bloating. Every person is different and everyone’s body is different.

5157vakS8BL._PI_PJStripe-Prime-Only-500px,TopLeft,0,0_AC_US160_Food is so powerful and it’s one thing you have complete control over. I love seeing others transform with the power of food! This documentary featured Mickey Trescott from Autoimmune Paleo. They also follow a lot of people with varying diagnoses and health concerns. These people are using different ways food is helping them to heal. For example, one is attempting to decrease sugar while another is attempting to try a Paleo lifestyle. I appreciate that Food As Medicine also addresses socioeconomic issues related to eating fresh foods. Check it out! It’s a good one!