The Best Things In Life

IMG_1022Today I am reminding myself that the best things in life aren’t actually things. Post your favorite thing and share this post!

-Finding $40 in a pocket of something you haven’t worn in a while

-It’s the way you feel with a new pedicure.

-Knowing you are unconditionally loved by God no matter what you do

-Being greeted by your pet when you get home

-Staying up so late with friends that you watch the sun rise.

-The excitement you feel the night before Santa comes

-The bliss that comes with a new born family member

-When the person in-front of you at Starbucks buys your coffee and the Barista helps to keep it going for hours.

-The glow of a bride on her wedding day.

What is the best thing in life for you? Comment below and share this post 🙂