Exciting News! Decal Designs Are Unveiled!

Hey everyone,
I just wanted to thank you for your commitment to raising awareness about Lyme Disease.  With the help of my husband I am finally able to start sending out the decals.  If you recall, this process started with name suggestions and then a voting process to narrow down the best most effective slogans.

It’s been a long process, mostly because I’m actively in treatment fighting Lyme which makes getting anything done nearly a million times harder, but I am committed to this campaign and really feel like it can make a difference. At first I wanted everyone to be surprised when they opened their mail to see the designs I’ve created, but I think it’s even more fun to share them here!  

Here are the five phrases and their designed logos. Most of the decals are printed in white, black or lime green vinyl that is specific for surviving the elements (like the exterior of a car).

In addition to the five winning slogans I’ve created a Lyme Disease ribbon and a few modified/ customized designs that fit really well with my mission to raise awareness. Each request for a slogan decal will also come with an additional decal pertaining to the state you live in!  Lyme Disease has been found on every continent except Antarctica so it is 100% safe to say that “Lyme Disease Lives Here”. I know the CDC doesn’t agree with me, but bugs know no boundaries! I’ve also included in each of my designs below the silhouette of a tick so it looks like they are invading each design. I’m very happy with how everything turned out and I am enjoying working on each of the requests for FREE decals.  

If you would still like to request Lyme Disease Awareness decals, please use the form below. And remember, supplies are limited but I will try to get a decal out to each person who requests one. Please be patient with me as I am fighting this battle and only able to work on them during random times when I feel okay.  My generous husband is helping me, so hopefully I’ll be able to start mailing things this week 🙂   OH, AND WHEN YOU GET YOURS AND PLACE IT ON YOUR CAR OR WHERE EVER, PLEASE SEND ME A PICTURE!  There is an envelope at the bottom of this blog that will take you directly to my email.
Just a reminder, any donations I receive will allow me to continue sending decals and growing this awareness campaign. I hope you are happy with the designs. Eventually, I hope to open up and Etsy site to sell these designs and a few others. I am not taking specific orders at this time, I only allow you to choose which slogan you like the best. As far as size and color that is up to me and my husband based on whatever we have ready to mail. When the Etsy shop opens you will be able to order additional designs with specific colors for a small fee to cover my expenses. 

Free decals are no longer available. My etsy shop will be up soon to purchase Lyme decals for a reasonable price 🙂

One last thing, please remember to email me a picture of your decal in action!  Click on this envelope to be directed to my email.

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