Foot Zoning – Updated

Foot Zoning: Day 1
Today, I started Foot Zoning which is supposed to be excellent for getting the lymph systems to move. Foot zoning goes back thousands of years.  There are cave paintings with people sitting like they would to be foot zoning. The man I went to lives near me and is a very down to earth person.  He was very kind and explained all of the sore spots on my feet and what they coordinated to in my body. I’m kinda losing hope in getting my lymph to move, so I am so excited to try something new that has had great success or other people.  I really hope I get the same success and start to feel better in a matter of weeks. The philosophy behind foot zoning, as I understand it, is your feet are the keyboard to the computer, meaning your body.  When there is pain in an area on your foot your body is trying to tell you that something is wrong with the coordinating organ or system.

What I learned from my foot zoner is I am the first person he has seen with Lyme disease.  I am probably the worst he has seen with overall issues from almost every system.  This doesn’t scare me because it means I can only go up from here.

He asked me to record how I felt and what things changed especially over the next couple of weeks.  Today during my treatment I got a headache, which I learned happens to some people.  I came home super hungry and super tired (as I am with almost all of my treatments).  My nausea has been up today and I have just lounged around the house drinking lots of fluids and doing an IV bag.  My anxiety picked up around dinner to where I was crying, but was able to manage it with a calming drink and lorazepam.

I have been thinking a lot today about the church service I attended yesterday and been praying over what I learned.  I am also so happy to have Diego with me. It is so nice that I instantly smile every time I look at him.

The foot zoning can take a few days to process and then I go in again on Thursday after my acupuncture.  I’ll keep everyone posted on how the foot zoning is working and how my body is changing day to day.  I really hope that this is the key to unlocking my lymph system so we can see what disease still is living in my body and not what my lymph is masking.

Here are symptoms I notice a lot today:
-loss of appetite (food isn’t as appealing as it once was)
-pain is still on the bottom of my feet – almost like bruising on the inside
-anxiety is fluctuating
-headache is dull in my skull and sharp on the top of my spine/neck
-overall fatigue is strong
-feeling dehydrated while I am hydrating (dry mouth)

Update added June 30, 2012

I wrote this entry and it got lost in the files on my computer…so tonight when I stumbled upon it I had to share!

Day 2: Foot Zone
This morning (in January) served to be quite an adventure.  I woke up like normal, at around 7am to grab my morning medicine so I could take my batch of empty stomach meds. When I walked back into my bedroom I saw a hallucination on the walls to my bedroom.  It was so bizarre.  Imagine a very large spider web mixed with bubbles that have shadows.  I was able to move the webbing around and even put some of it on my hands.  When my mom tried it, she couldn’t see it, but I could see that the bubbles went onto her hand too.   I took some calming medication and went to sleep.  When I woke up the visual disturbances was gone.  I sent a fax to my specialist to make sure I wasn’t experiencing a drug reaction but I haven’t heard back as of writing this blog.  I also had a lymphatic massage today and have felt tired and low energy all day.  It seems like it’s been a while since I had such a bizarre symptom.  The last one that was anywhere close was when my neck almost screwed off, like the exorcist or something.  
I have also been feeling cold to the core today.  It’s the worst feeling to be frozen on the inside and I have no ability to warm up.  So that’s Day 2 in my foot zoning treatment. 

I find it rather funny that I was so dedicated to record my thoughts after each foot zoning session, I did a great job for two days….and that was all I recorded! lol!

Reflection as of today, June 30th, I had a wonderful experience with foot zoning for multiple months! Foot zoning is an extremely rare specialty.  There aren’t even enough Foot Zoners for one in each state!  I saw positive results with my lymphatic system and truly believe it is effective. When Justin and I moved to Reno we tried to continue this treatment for me once each week, but it was impractical to maintain my weekly appointment back in Gardnerville (about an hour and twenty minutes one way from my house to my foot zoners office), especially because I can’t drive so Justin had to make sure he could take me and then on top of that I experience a lot of nausea that makes the car ride unbearable.  Finally, I just came to peace that I had a lot of things available to me in Reno now and I was going to focus on those items more. I know God is in control and will make it clear to me if I need to go back to foot zoning soon.

If you live in Minden or Gardnerville and are looking for a solid way to improve your body all over you should strongly consider Foot Zoning (it is worth every penny!).  That area has been blessed with an amazing man, named Clay Peterson and you won’t ever regret zoning your feet!  Even one time is beneficial to your body although, I know the longer and frequency of zoning is exponentially more beneficial. If/when I ever move back to Minden I will be back on Clay’s couch so he can zone my feet again.  I’ve included a video so you can kinda see what a session will be like.  

I mentioned in my report on Day 2 that I had hallucinations. I haven’t had many hallucinations like that in the six months since.  I’m pretty sure it was a drug reaction or some sort of toxic release.  In the few months I did do foot zoning my lymphatic system improved by about 20-30% according to my Lyme specialist (I also gave up dairy around the same time).  Clay reports many of his female clients experience weightloss and other positive results.  The great thing about foot zoning is it is great for everyone….kinda like an overall health boost.

The things I’ve done during this treatment are so bizarre, but I’ve learned I really like some of them and others are not for me.  Foot zoning is one of my favorites!

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