Frustrations, Weight Gain and Parasites

Okay, so when I started this blog I promised myself and everyone who reads this that I would be raw and real with everything Lyme disease has put me through.

One of the most frustrating parts of my treatment is gaining weight.  I have a very limited diet and have been for a while (gluten free, dairy free, soy free, no quinoa, organic low glycemic fruits and vegetables, minimal sugar in any form, minimum corn, moderate rice, clean organic grass fed meats, no seafood, no red meat, no pork, no cashews, no peanuts), and no grains…try to say that 10 times fast! So basically I  have been eating organic chicken and turkey with organic fruits and vegetables in addition to various nuts and beans and moderate rice.  I have to say I’ve been really pretty good about sticking to it. Mostly because if I stray I get stomach cramping so severe it should be used as a punishment for terrorists.

For a good while I was working out 1-2 days each week with a personal trainer (Courtney is amazing!) and walking good distances whenever I could the rest of the week.  Then, I started some new meds and I am just now getting my body acclimated so I can start working out again without being too dizzy or nauseous.

I’ve had a lot of problems with my digestive tract, thyroid and my lymphatic system. All of these body systems have a big impact on my body with water retention, metabolism, and fatigue.

I’m also one of the most severe cases my doctors have seen with parasites. The fact that I’ve seen multiple different species come out of me through both my stool and my urine is pretty rare. I know parasites starve the body of nutrition and force it to be in starvation mode which means retaining fluid. Dry brushing helps some, lymphatic massages help some, colonics help some, but I haven’t found a constant thing that really helps.

The past year I’ve spent doing parasite cleanse after parasite cleanse on top of anti-parasitic medication and homeopathic remedies. I’ve seen a 2 foot tape worm, bizarre ameba things, baby worms….and just last week an 11 inch worm. So many disgusting foreign invaders that are not welcome in my body (I did save you for seeing a picture of the gross worm, although the thought did cross my mind).  I do have a pic of the most bizarre parasite that I came out of me, but he’s not too gross, it’s more of an hmmm factor.

To me it looks like something you’d see at an aquarium, not in the toilet.

About six months ago I did a lymphatic treatment that was a detox wrap and it really seemed to help boost my lymphatic system. I went again last week and am already experiencing positive results.  I’ve been kinda at a stand still because the parasites were in my gut causing blockages and messing with the body mechanics my body is designed to naturally do.

Here’s the breakdown of my medications. Can you believe how many different medications I take every day?!?:

8-IV medications; 13-antibiotics; 19-supplements in pill form ;12-supplements in liquid form that go into my daily water; 5-supplements that have to be taken individually and spread out because they don’t play well with others.  4-powders for my daily medicine smoothie AND 9+ as needed medications. Thats roughly 62+ different medications on a daily basis! 

I’ve been so frustrated with my body but when I think of how many medications I am still on it helps me cut myself some slack. My body is working hard and it’s a full-time job keeping on schedule to get everything in me each day, plus going to all my doctor and detox appointments! I’m giving it my all and one day soon this will all pay off

Currently I am about 25-30 pounds overweight according to my BMI. (Big sigh)

This is a process and I’ve got a lot of balls in the air with my treatment. Hopefully in the next couple months I will finally get rid of all my parasites, wean off the majority of my medication, increase my energy level and my ability to exercise….but for now I gotta just keep telling myself this is a marathon not a sprint.

My sweet friend pointed out to me that I have the fundamentals in place to lose weight which is comforting, but I’ve got to be honest…..this is the most frustrating piece of my fight against Lyme.

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