Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! This year is a little different to me. For as long as I can remember I’ve spent Thanksgiving hopping between 2+ houses to share the day with all of my loved ones. I am a child of divorce which means two times as much turkey on Thanksgiving and then ever since I started driving, I’d spend the day with my boyfriend’s (now my husband’s) family which made it three times as much yummy turkey! But this year I am only going to one Thanksgiving and instead of spending half my day in the car I’ll be settling down and getting a new perspective on this day. It’s so weird but I’m embracing it.

My husband decided to keep with his normal shift at the hospital, and will be working all day, which allows for some of his co-workers to be with their kids. I love Justin’s heart and how he puts others before himself. I hope when we have kids one day someone will offer to work for him. So without him I can’t really drive from dinner to dinner so I decided to lay low with my mom and step-dad’s family.

Since I am only going to one family gathering this year I am actually bringing part of the meal and will have plenty of time to talk to everyone and share in the laughs! I’m looking forward to it because my mom’s side of the family has a bunch of gluten-intolerant people so I will be able to eat a lot of the food (as long as it’s dairy free too)! And I’m debuting a gluten-free vegan pumpkin pie which I’m hoping will be amazing. I’ve been in the process of making my own almond milk and almond meal (which reminds me I started writing a post on directions to make your own…I’ll try to add that soon). I’ve never been too domestic, but I thought I’d give it a shot. There will be other pumpkin pie so it’s a no pressure dish to bring which helps me feel a lot better about my big debut.

I’m giddy about what we get to do when Justin gets off work…..because we are going all out to do Black Friday!

BF is honestly my favorite day of the year. It’s just me and Justin and lots of strategizing and quality time together facing the crowds. Even when I was so sick with my treatment I did not miss a Black Friday! Or when Justin had knee surgery days before BF nothing would stop us from going out together even for just a short while.

I know a ton of people hate how angry shoppers are and how over-crowded their favorite stores are but that’s part of what I love! There is so much anticipation and excitement around BF and some people just don’t handle the chaos well, I get it and it doesn’t bug me too much. I’ve got lots of patience and big smiles to face the crowd. Plus, I am all about getting a great deal and being part of American culture. I’m not on a serious hunt this year, no Leap Frog or big screen TVs or Tickle-Me Elmo’s, but I am stoked to go out and be part of everything on Friday. I’m not so much in favor of all this craziness about stores opening on Thursday night, but Justin keeps reminding me that the hospital never closes and it’s not a big deal if he is working on Thanksgiving. It shouldn’t be a big deal if anyone else has to work either. I totally get that, and I’m glad people have jobs! So bring on BF!

This year I am so thankful for Justin. I’m thankful for continuing to make progress in my treatment. I’m continually grateful for a handful of women in my life…and the excitement of the new baby that should be here any day.  And of course I am stoked BF is only a day away!

Here’s a veggie tray turkey that I took to a pre-Thanksgiving party earlier this week. I found the idea on Pinterest (I noticed my typo after all was said and done). You can see how my turkey compared to some other attempts. I did okay, if I had more cucumber or cauliflower I think he could have been even better!

Thanks Pinterest!

                                                              Thanks Pinterest!

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