I Survived! I Am So Excited About My Progress

As you know yesterday I cashed in my spoons and pushed my bodies physical and mental limits.

Round One consisted of going to the mall to find feminine outfits because I’m ditching my yoga pants at least a couple of days each week! I had a wonderful time shopping with my sisters.  We found some adorable feminine tops, and even a skirt and a maxi dress! Molly and Amy were so kind knowing I was pushing myself. Molly would try on items for me and both of them would search the store and bring items to me and ask if I liked them. I had two of my very own personal shoppers! They helped me conserve my energy as much as possible.  I started to get worried when my fatigue hit after the first dressing room, but I was able to sit between stores.

Then they dropped  me off with Olivia because it was time for Round Two! It was my honor to host her baby shower, though I do admit I was fearful that my body wouldn’t handle well with the large group of people and needing to be “on” fully attentive to the guests and keep everyone having a nice time.  The set-up was adorable and everyone had a great time. Liv got so many baby wipes and a plethora of baby essentials. And the biggest thing I forgot….taking pictures! Oops! I did manage to get a few before anyone arrived.

Neutral Peter Pan theme with both fairies and Pirate ships complete with Peter Pan cupcakes.

Neutral Peter Pan theme with both fairies and Pirate ships complete with Peter Pan cupcakes.

The day was awesome. My nausea and dizziness kicked in but I was able to continue on and push through it.  The moment I got home I made a trail from the front door to my bed. Drop the purse, sunglasses, keys and sandals and climb into bed.  It was perfect because Justin had worked 1am-1pm in the ER so he was asleep when I climbed into bed.  I don’t think it took me five minutes to fall asleep.  A few hours we both woke up and talked about our days as Justin prepared to work for the first station.

The fact that I was able to push through and continue with my day was a big push of my limits. I cashed in all my spoons! In the past, I have had to recuperate for multiple days after a full day like yesterday…and today I am tired, but nothing like I used to be. (I ended up having about 1.5 days of resting in bed very low on energy which seems like nothing compared to the past!) I want to shout it from the mountains that I AM CONQUERING LYME one day at a time. It’s a mission and a mind-set!

(Written May 5, 2013, Got lost in all my posts! Oops!)

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  1. Great to hear that you were able to get out for the day. You just have to tell yourself that you are not going to let Lyme slow you down or at least allow you not to do what you want to do. Sometimes it will take you a little longer, but I find if you just keep on moving you can get it done. Look forward to hearing more about your progress.

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