Justin Traveled to Peru – Medical Internship

(This post is long over-due. It should have been written as one of my first posts but today is just as good as any.)

Medical Internship in Peru  2010

Medical Internship in Peru 2010

November 9, 2010 I got my Lyme diagnosis and started treatment. Early in December Justin left to provided free medical care to people in Peru with the Tropical Pathology and Infectious Disease Association (TPaIDA).

He spent time in a clinic treating adults, time in rural areas treating camps of people, but he enjoyed playing with and treating the children who had HIV and/or tuberculous diagnosis’.  In the room full of kids no one was allowed to know which illness the kids had to protect their privacy. It never interfered with the care Justin and the rest of his team were providing.

As for my relationship with my hubby we couldn’t call or text during his time out of the country and I had a lot of big changes with my treatment. My family stepped in to bridge the gap and it was nearly seamless.  I am so proud of Justin for following his dreams and going to Peru (we’d been saving since the second day of the academy because we were both so was stoked for the opportunity).

His excitement for the trip reminded me of those Disney commercials that say “I’m too excited to sleep!”

It wasn’t even a thought in my head to consider him not going. Justin was going to Peru, my parents would take care of me while he’s away and when Justin gets back from South America we will move me back up to Reno and continue life as usual. Well, it didn’t exactly as planned, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

He had a wonderful time in Peru. He found a beer he LOVED that we haven’t been able to find in the states. He tasted guinea pig (very popular food choice in Peru) He traveled with a guy from his class, Austin, and their friendship strengthened during the trip.  They were able to provide medical care in rural areas to many people and throw a Christmas celebration for all the kids with HIV/Aids and/or TB as well as take care of them.

It was a wonderful trip for Justin and he returned on Christmas Eve eve. The following days consisted of explaining a lot about what we had learned, how to use my piccline, how my first doctors appointment with my Lyme specialist went. It was a little overwhelming for him,  but he caught on quick and became the primary person to take care of me.

When Justin returned and saw I hadn’t made much improvements….still sleeping about 20 hours each day and as sick as could be. It was clear to us we needed me to stay with my parents while he finishes school and he would come visit me as he was able.  Sometimes I would sleep the entire time he was here, but he would just sit on the bed with me while he studied.

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