My “Relapse”

It’s been about a year since I last blogged and there has been a good reason for that. I’ve been secretly fighting what I’ve referred to as a “relapse” of my treatment, but over time I’ve come to discover I was never fully in remission in the first place.

In the middle of March 2014, when I was feeling amazing, I ended my treatment and went on living life and didn’t look back. I was determined to be my old self. I even applied to go back to school and finish my Bachelors degree. I was at the heaviest I’d ever been and felt good enough to set some goals to get it off. Fortunately, when I started being more active the weight just kind of fell off and any extra effort I put in was really worth it. For once in a very long time I felt strong. I felt confident. I lost 20lbs in three months and still felt so great. I celebrated being done with Lyme Disease with everyone who had been a part of my successful treatment. My family hosted a huge party and it was a very special day.


My story was published in a local magazine called the Reno-Tahoe Tonight about my journey with Lyme. And I met Angeli VanLannen the American freestyle skier who fought Lyme and then competed in the Sochi Olympics. I was inspired to achieve great things just like Angeli. My life from March through June was great and I was living it up.


June 28, 2014, I woke up after my friend’s wedding with a hangover only it never resolved. I had only had one glass of wine the entire night and was confused why I’d be having such a strong reaction. The “hangover” came with a very familiar pain in my back and in my gut I knew things weren’t right. I waited a couple of days before raising concern, but my biggest fear had become a reality.

I went to my primary care doctor for a routine check-up after ending treatment, secretly hoping her Integrative Medicine scanner wouldn’t pick up Lyme, even though I was pretty sure it had come back.

What she found is I had Lyme in my body again after being cleared for a while and my wisdom tooth was causing stress to my body. The only catch was I had my wisdom teeth removed many years previous. This was frustrating and confusing but I fully trust my doctors and I decided to go to the dentist for a follow-up to see if they could detect anything. After some different scans and x-rays they picked up on what was causing my body stress. My dentist found a big dark hollow area in my jaw. He had seen this a few times and was willing to do some experimental surgery to see if his theory was correct.

A week or so later we ripped into my jaw and it was complete mush. It was totally disgusting and similar to spaghetti where bone should have been. My body could have never fully recovered from Lyme because I had a huge infection in my jaw!

My dentist removed the nastiness and placed bone grafts down to allow my body to heal. I went back to the hyperbaric chamber for 20 more sessions to encourage the healing process and back on IV antibiotics to fight the Lyme or whatever else was in my system. I was back in the fight and though I was really discouraged, nothing stopped me from pressing on to beating this once and for all.

I was quiet about all of this because the last thing I wanted was sympathy. I had experienced life again after so many years of being sick and I just wanted to get back to that state as quickly as possible without everyone and their mom knowing what I was going through.


I’m happy to report things are much better for me. I’ve got many more blog posts coming to detail what I’ve learned over the last year. I am so much stronger now and looking forward to what life has to offer. Instead of life with mostly bad days I am thrilled to report I am living 99% all good days! God is good and I am doing well. 

4 thoughts on “My “Relapse”

  1. Elizabeth,

    Sorry to hear about your relapse. I experienced the same thing with 4 years of oral abx and 2 years of IV abx I thought that I had fought it and won. I was feeling fantastic and was in the best shape I had been in since college. Now I am back to fighting this disease with homeopathic treatments. I meant you once in Reno at a jewelry party fund raiser. I was there with my two daughters who have Lyme disease. My son has now been added to our list. I hope that you are able to finally get over Lyme disease and move on. For me it is difficult for me to see my children suffer from this disease. Treatment is so expensive so we do what we can. Hopefully the Lyme community will continue to fight for more research and for the IDSA to accept ILADS treatment protocol so insurance companies will help pay for the cost. My two girls still live in Reno so if you ever have another fund raiser or would like to talk to a fellow Lymie I would be glad to give you their information. Good luck to you and may God grant you a speedy recovery from your relapse.


    • Thank you Maria, I am happy to report this blog is much delayed and I am doing wonderful again. I’m not 100% ready to say I am out of the woods, but I am living life in a much better place. I am sorry to hear you have so many in your family are fighting this battle. I wish the best for all of you. I may do another fundraiser in the future but don’t have plans of one currently. Thank you for reaching out!

  2. Hey, glad things are moving in a positive direction for you. If you haven’t checked out Lyme less live more core series and seasonal focus diets and cleanses I know they have given me some ideas I hadn’t thought of before and has helped me progress positively a lot quicker. I think there approach would benafit everyone. They have a lot of recipes and talks by different professionals. Take care. Lots ov love and best wishes to you

    • Thanks for reaching out! I’m actually doing really well. I am fixing my leaky gut with a local doctor and it seems to be working! I’m guessing it’s a similar approach to taking care of the body with primarily using diet. I’m glad you are getting better too!!!

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