My Slice of Lyme Awareness

Lyme Awareness Month is in full-swing! The entire month of May is devoted to raising awareness about Lyme. Each person does it differently, but the mission is all the same. If each of us commits to a small slice of awareness this month we can make a big difference. This is important to me because I never HEARD of Lyme before the doctor diagnosed me with it. I could have helped my diagnosis much earlier if I knew it was a thing!

For me I’ve been having so much fun fulfilling orders from the Etsy Shop, Twist of Lyme Decals. My husband started the shop a couple years ago to help motivate me to be part of something but he managed a lot of the shop. Now that I’m feeling great it’s been fun to fill the orders and manage the shop on my own! We have an array of car decals in various designs that I created early on in my battle. Plus, the Live Laugh Lyme logo decal and bright lime-green silicone bracelets that say ‘Someone I Love Has Lyme Disease’.

Another way to raise awareness is switching out your house lights from white to green so your house lights up green at night.

Or making a point to tell one person about Lyme disease and ask them to tell someone about it too.

My friend Melissa, was featured on Everyday Health for her journey with Lyme Disease. You can read her story here.

What are you doing to raise awareness for Lyme? I’d love to know how you are helping the cause!



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