Phytonutrients for Strep Throat

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This weekend has been rough, I was pretty much glued to the couch for the whole weekend with little energy. By Monday, my throat had developed strep. Swallowing is so painful but I’m doing everything I can to get enough in my stomach to take my medications and heal this infection asap. I’m really trying to decrease inflammation in by body to help the healing process.

One thing I’m doing is making phytonutrient rich whole juice smoothies for myself. This is way easier to swallow than chewing foods and allows my body to get tons of information for healing.

Phytonutrients are little messages from food based on the color of a fresh food source. It’s additional to the fat, protein, carb information food provides to the body. These little messages are used by your body to do certain things. If you’ve ever heard “food is medicine” or “food is information” this is one part of what those phrases are referring to.

Red foods – help reduce cancer risk and protect the immune system

Orange foods – help the immune system, skin and eyes and reduce the risk for heart disease

Yellow foods – contain compounds that are anti-inflammatory and protect the brain

Green foods – assist the liver and help balance hormones, anti-inflammatory

Purple/Blue/Black – Protect the brain and promote memory and cognition, anti-inflammatory

White/Tan/Brown – anti-inflammatory and help the liver

Today my whole juice smoothie consisted of:

1/2 avocado (green) a source of healthy fat to stabilize blood sugar

1/4 bunch parsley (green)

2 tbsp hemp seed (white/tan/brown) also a source of protein

1 handful organic blueberries (purple/blue/black)

1 whole purple carrot (purple/blue/black)

1 whole apple (red)

1/3 banana (yellow)

Purified water and 8-10 ice cubes

I usually look around my kitchen for different color foods and throw them all in the blender.¬†Mixing phytonutrient foods reminds me of being in school and mixing paint colors. When you mix green, brown, blue, red and yellow you get an interesting shade of brown. This doesn’t bother me but if you’ve never tried smoothies before it’s something the be aware of…the smoothies don’t always come out looking super cute. Also, not all blenders will be able to blend¬†ingredients like carrots or celery.

Be well,