Power Health and My Future

I completed my program at Power Health a little over a year ago and have found myself more strong and stable than I’ve ever been. I wake up ever morning confident in by body, instead of second guessing my energy levels. I am so happy with my experience with Power Health and the treatment provided by Dr. Randall Gates.

Dr. Gates is a Chiropractic Neurologist who is always on the cutting edge of science. He constantly reads the latest research in order to give his patients the best and latest information supported by scientific research. He is a very caring and kind man who gets so excited to see every one of his patients. His specialty helps to recalibrate the brain and get the lobes of the brain back into balance. He couples this specialty with functional medicine which focuses on getting to the root of issues in a patient and dealing with them by restoring the gut through diet and nutrition.

In our American society we are overly stressed and always on the go, which doesn’t help our brains or our body function to the best of its ability. When we are stressed our body stops the digestion process. In addition, we have high doses of stress hormones circulating all over our bodies. The fast-paced American lifestyle is not the best for our bodies and over time we begin to show symptoms.

What I’ve learned through personal experience and watching many people go through the Power Health program, is when you treat Lyme as an autoimmune condition many of the symptoms can be decreased or eliminated. I am a proponent of antibiotic treatment, if needed, after diet and brain stress have been under control. It’s amazing how much my body wanted to be well as soon as I figured out the foods causing inflammation in my body! I know many other people with Lyme who have had similar success as me.

I never knew I’d see a day where true health was an option! When I started this blog I was hoping to make a difference and share my story. It’s such an honor to share what true health finally looks like and provide even more hope about what is possible when you trust the process and have the best treatment team by your side. I’d love to see others with Lyme save money and save time on their life by starting with this approach before the “killing bugs” treatment begins or continues. I wish I would have found Power Health at the beginning of my journey because I think my fight would have been much shorter and certainly less expensive.

I’m so grateful for my experience with Power Health and the inspiration I’ve acquired. I am currently in school to become a Functional Medicine Health Coach and help clients make these lifestyle changes last longterm. I’m inspired and empowered by my experience with Power Health and seeing how capable my body is now.

Cheers to a happy, healthy and active life moving forward!

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