So Many Big and Exciting Things for Me!

fiverr_destini_grimmfamily2Hey, so I’ve been kinda MIA for a while and am finally ready to reveal what I’ve been cooking up!  I transferred my blog from to here (!

With a lot of help, encouragement, support and direction Justin and I opened an Esty shop to sell car decals and raise awareness for Lyme disease! Check out Twist Of Lyme Decals on Etsy to find Lyme awareness decals for your car, bike, guitar case, laptop, etc.

Since it’s been so long I thought I’d fill you in on my life a little (more to come soon, I promise!!). Last week, I had a doctor’s appointment with my specialist in the Bay area and have kinda graduated into the next phase beating Lyme! It’s gonna be hard but my progress is undeniable and there is light at the end of this tunnel. Unfortunately, he had no clue how long my tunnel was so it’s anyones guess! :/

Other exciting news is Justin got a new job as a paramedic firefighter! He still has his ER job because he loves it so much! It’s so awesome to see him excited to go to work and genuinely love what he does.

So as a last-minute decision we decided to take a quick trip down to Disneyland and spend a few days of quality time together. It was so great for our marriage and our friendship. We loved walking around, enjoying being together and eating delicious food (by the way, did you know Disney is AMAZING at accommodating food allergies/restrictions? They have extra chefs and that is a big part of their job!) Did you notice how I underlined walking a minute ago?! Well that’s because the best part of the trip was I DIDN’T NEED MY WHEELCHAIR….EVER! We spent about five hours in the park each day which was perfect and my personal training is really helping to build my endurance. That is such evidence that my illness is on its way out!

My birthday’s coming up in a few days and I’ve got a lot of thoughts and such revolving that. But, I will share that in another post.

I’m heading to bed. Can’t wait to get crackin’ away with this new blog. I have a few guest posts ready to go that I think you will really enjoy and so many other things to share.


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