That time I blew up like Violet from Willie Wonka, passed a tape worm and broke out in hives….Yeah, I’ve been busy!

Hello there! It has been forever since I sat down to write.  I have so many things to catch you up on so here we go:

Since I last wrote I had an excellent appointment with my Lyme specialist, in January, who estimated I had about 9 months of intensive treatment left and that I would be off of 85% of my medications!!! When I saw him in November he told me 14 months so based on my calculations I have shaved off a couple months from his initial estimation! Wahoo! My lymph is finally responding which is such a blessing and my face has stopped breaking out with painful cysts. I am still detoxing on a daily basis, and lately my detoxing has included 3 colonics each week and then Castor oil packs, water enemas, oil enemas, various detox drops, etc. I completely agree with Hippocrates and his theory that ‘All disease begins in the gut.’  My digestive tract has been very sluggish and wasn’t allowing anything to pass through. In fact, I even gained eight pounds in a week and ballooned up like Violet on Willie Wonka! I did all sorts of cleansing that is supposed to empty out the entire digestive tract and I got nothing! Even after doing the entire huge jug of GoLightly (people use it for colonscopys) and I only passed water. It was kinda scary, but I knew I was in good hands with my colon-hydrotherapist and my naturopath. So I upped my frequency and began drinking Castor oil and doing oil enemas each night.  Finally after a few days I was able to get rid of that extra water weight and help my body flush out all my toxicity.  During many of my colonics I have seen small parasites or portions of parasites BUT one of the days I saw a two-foot long tape worm. No joke! Ew! I’m glad he’s out!  No wonder I was having issues!! I tried so hard to capture a picture but I failed miserably with filming the little viewing tube. It’s probably best because I’m saving you from seeing what comes out of me during the colonic, though I do think sharing the parasite could be super interesting.

As I take on more and more responsibility with my treatment plan, medication schedule and appointments I am realizing that sticking to my treatment is more intensive than a full-time job! It wasn’t until last week that I was able to see the fruits of my labor because I had two AMAZING days.  I haven’t had an amazing day since when I rode Kristi’s horse and that was last January! I’d say I was way overdue for a wonderful, feeling invincible, kinda day.

I’m noticing some improvements in my health and so are those close to me. Earlier today I talked with my mom on the phone and she commented, “sounds like you are doing great today…I can hear the pep in your voice!” I love that.  I’ve had bigger swings of feeling really great then feeling bad but in the end it is all worth it because I am actually seeing glimmers of what my brain will be like after all these bugs are out of my body 🙂  I think all these positive moments are from my latest antibiotic that seems to be working really well.

I can’t believe I’m about to share this because I don’t want to jinx anything (even though I never really believed in jinxes…) but, I’ve started to actually think about what my life will be like after Lyme and after my treatment. Will I go back to school? Will I go back to my old job if there is an opening? Will I step up my Lyme Awareness and try to get a job or internship relating to that? Will I start off working as a Jewelry Lady with Premier Jewelry (I love that company) and work when I feel well? I really don’t know and I’m just excited to start thinking about what my future holds! If my timeline is correct Justin and I can start talking about family planning and bringing a baby Grimm into the world possibly in 2014.    😀

I’m an Aunt! Happy Birthday Mason!

One things for sure! When I am done with this treatment I am going shopping for a total wardrobe makeover and I will be happy to say goodbye to my yoga pants. They have a purpose right now with my body fluctuating sizes so much, but when I am off treatment the fluctuation should stop and I will be able to wear real actually cute clothes! I can’t wait! Also, I am really hoping Justin and I can go on an epic vacation.  I think he deserves it more than I do but it will be SO nice to get away and not have my life revolve around infusions or taking medication every couple hours. Here’s to hoping the next nine months fly by or I am able to continue getting better as fast as possible and beat the 9 month marker!

With all these positive changes I decided it was time again to seek out a counselor. She is working with me to transition from being a sick person to a healthy and vibrant one. I really don’t know how to do life without being sick or having some sort of medication bog me down. I’ve missed out on a lot of life because of my Lyme disease but I am getting better and I am scared of the unknown but so excited to just have a normal life. Hopefully I won’t have to calculate my spoons like I have had to do so carefully the past couple of years.  I’m going to be free!!!

Today is a monumental day for me and my treatment. Today my port turns one year old.  I had the needle and dressing change today and my port is still working well and looks great. It was unfortunate and a huge pain that my body didn’t respond well to all seven of my picclines but the port has worked out great for me and I find it way easier to conceal and care for than my piccs ever were.  But since it’s been a while since I blogged I get to celebrate the one year anniversary of getting my port, my sister-in-laws birthday and the birth of my nephew, Mason!

Love this tub! Helped so much!

In other news, a week or so ago I broke out into massive hives.  I was totally freaked out because they came out of no where! I have learned Lyme gives me bizarre symptoms that are just one time occurrences, but it was kinda scary because nothing I was doing could help them or stop them.  The hives started out just above my butt crack and spread all over my body like crazy. I was circling them and putting a time next to it so I could see if they were growing, but the hives were multiplying faster than I could keep up! It was crazy and a little scary. I was so itchy and all I wanted to do was sit in a cool bath tub full of Epsom salts and help my body detox whatever was causing the hives.  I was able to score a hotel suite at the El Dorado (which is literally 200 steps from my front door to their front door) but it didn’t matter how silly it was – they had a giant bathtub in their suite rooms and I was determined to get in it asap!  It worked! My naturopath was so impressed with my brains ability to problem solve and get myself into and bathtub before she could return my message. I do have to say my mom and I shared many laughs of me trying to photograph all of my crazy hives. I tried to describe them but words wouldn’t do the severity justice, so I used my phone and took some rather embarrassing photographs of my butt! lol! All I could think is, what if this accidentally posts to Facebook. I would be so mortified!

My poor hive-y knees

It took four days before the hives calmed down, even with all the extra pills and creams I was doing to manage them.  Guess what the hives were from? Heavy metals! One of my new medications is a cyst buster and when it started working it caused cysts inside of my to burst leaving behind the waste from inside the cyst.  So all of a sudden I had a spike in the amount of heavy metal in my body.  It was miserable and so itchy, but I am so happy my body is fighting to heal and the medications are helping 🙂

More recently I’ve been working hard on the Lyme decals, that my faithful followers submitted and voted on, and am starting to send them out to everyone who requested one. My hope was to roll them out with the new year, but that did happen so looks like it’s more of a Valentines Day roll out. I am pretty excited about all the designs I’ve created and I think you will be very happy with them too!  My husband is helping me with an Etsy store to feature all the designs on. We are also going to set it up so we can take special orders.  I feel like it’s a nice professional way to spread the word about Lyme disease. Like I would never put a bumper sticker on my car, but I have no problem putting a vinyl decal on the window of my car. I am committed to creating the decals and mailing them out and keeping my costs as low as I can. I understand money is tight for 99% of Lymies and I want these decals to be on as many cars / bikes / drum sets / binders / skateboards….you get the idea! I just need help spreading the word everywhere!  Awareness is so important to me because I NEVER heard of Lyme disease before I was diagnosed and I am certain if I had heard of it, I would have been able to diagnose myself years earlier! So my focus is to get the word out there that Lyme exists. If you remember, I am going to send out some free decals to my loyal readers if you fill out the form on the bottom of this post (restrictions apply as my funds are not endless, but I don’t mind spending a little money to get decals all over the US and even the world).

I promise not to be a stranger! Have a great day everyone.  PS-it’s not too late to request your free decal! So fill out the form and check your snail mail for a free surprise from me and my husband 🙂  All we ask is you would send us a photograph of your decal in action!

**Free decals are no longer available. My etsy shop will be up soon to purchase Lyme decals for a reasonable price 🙂

2 thoughts on “That time I blew up like Violet from Willie Wonka, passed a tape worm and broke out in hives….Yeah, I’ve been busy!

  1. Elizabeth, glad to hear you have some positive things happening! It gives me hope for my own fight with Lyme!
    Would I be able to order and Paypal you for a few decals? I would love to have one for myself, but also give a couple to family members. 🙂
    Take care,

  2. Your post gave me some very much needed hope for my young daughter's and my recovery tonight. So happy for you, thank you for sharing and for the offer of a decal! Hoping to be able to afford to donate one day. Blessings.

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