The Big 2-5

On April 27th I turned the big 2-5. I can’t believe I am already a quarter of a century old.  This birthday was one I once was so excited for but as it grew closer and my goals and dreams for my life at this stage weren’t happening. Instead of getting my Bachelors Degree, I was only able to get my Associates Degree before my life spun out of control.

I remember a substitute teacher, well two of them, from high school and they would come around a couple times each year for one or two of my teachers.  They were older but so adorable. Sometimes the wife would open up to the class about meeting husband in middle school and growing old with him. I always thought it was so adorable, but wildly unattainable. Relationships aren’t like that these days. But God had a bigger plan for my life and he used the memories of hearing their romantic story. He introduced me to my future husband in middle school and we began dating freshman year in high school. We made it work just like the substitute teachers. Sometimes I can hardly realize this is my reality and that that story is 100% true. After dating from age 14 we were married at age 20 on a beautiful private ranch house underneath a tree.

Before saying our vows it was always my dream to have children young. So we were young and married…bring on the babies! But, it’s like a switch went off in my head and I no longer desired that at 20, but maybe 21 or 22 would be better. I would have a couple kids and be done around age 25.

I had planned on traveling to go on a mission trip with a Christian organization before age 25.  Clearly, things weren’t lining up for me like I’d hoped. I did score a sweet job doing marketing for an organization in the healthcare field. I took graphic design classes and fell even more in love with that type of career.

I can look back now and thank God for turning off that switch in my head. If I did have a child he/she would likely have Lyme also. I was protected from any more parasites or bugs entering my body by not going on a mission trip to a tiny town in Mexico or Romania my body would be too compromised to handle any more worms or bugs. The few graphic design classes were just enough to show me how much I love the field so one day I can hopefully go back into that field.

Getting married young was an amazing blessing to me because of how well Justin loves me and cares for me. Many Lymies lose friends and family. Justin is so wonderful and we were able to grow together as a couple for two years before my diagnosis. We had a lot to learn about each other before the stress of Lyme came into our life.

Here’s the video from my birthday (the video has two parts – a timeline of pictures of me from baby to 25ish followed by the Birthday Balloon Ceremony of Hopes and Dreams:

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