My 3.5 Month Euphoric High

The blog post is referring to my life from March 11 – June 27, 2014

The few months I had off treatment and living life were absolutely amazing. I was living in a euphoric high. I had energy like I’d never imagined. I had a zeal for life that can’t be put into words. Each night it would be hard for me to lay my head down on the pillow because I was so excited about the next day. My days were filled with craft projects, planning my friend’s wedding (yay!), organizing each room in my house (my favorite), working out, coffee dates with friends, weekend trips with Justin because it was so easy to travel now without all my medications and constant nausea, learning how to finally cook, and actually being a wife to Justin. It was like our honeymoon all over and things were falling into place. I was savoring every moment and being spontaneous every chance I got!

first 3 half months blog pics

Life was great, the only thing that was off about my body was I was crazy sweating. It was really embarrassing and I had no control over it. If I was freezing or burning up it would roll down my body. I would sweat in my groin, armpits, back, hands and feet. It was awful but I was on such a high I just changed my clothes frequently and tried to not let it get me down. Hindsight is always 20/20 and I wish I could have known that this was a huge warning sign of adrenal fatigue. My body was running on pure adrenaline for the entire time I was off treatment and I was going a million miles an hour because it was possible. People are able to lift up cars with their own human strength when they are running on pure adrenaline but it can’t last forever.wegeners wedding

June 28, 2014 the morning after the Wegener wedding, my body had had enough and I couldn’t keep up any more. I was on empty and nothing could mask my symptoms or body stress any longer. This is when all my symptoms came back and blind-sighted me.


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