Thyroid Hair

Just after I was diagnosed with Lyme I was also diagnosed with thyroid problems (hypo or hyperthyroidism My thyroid controls so many symptoms that I live with everyday so I think one of my big keys to fixing my nausea is making sure my thyroid is working the best it possibly can. Some symptoms of an over active or under active thyroid include: shakiness, hair loss, weight loss, weight gain, nausea, fatigue, jitters, and so much more.

I had a lapse in taking one of my two migraine medications for about a week maybe a little longer and boy did it mess me up.  I’ve been trying to get back on track but while doing that my hair has been falling out like crazy!

I was blessed by my mom with amazing thick and luscious hair but treatment has changed my hair in so many ways. It’s become more curly, more coarse, more dry and I am getting so many gray hairs! Combining all of these undesirable hair traits, plus it’s falling out, my hair was desperately crying for help.

I decided to head to the hair salon to get some professional advice. I have a lot of hair to lose before I think about shaving my head or something else dramatic. I mean, over the last three years I’ve been through periods of losing hair but this time is so much worse*. So I figured I’d ride it out and see how it goes. Unfortunately, I’ve been working on growing my hair out because I secretly dream of having hair long enough to cover my boobs without anything else on (I know a lot of my girlfriends have this dream too)! And as it was getting longer it was more intensive to wash, dry and style it with my low energy and not many spoons.  My hair has spent the majority of treatment with it thrown up in a messy bun on my head. My ponytail had lost about half of its girth? and I could see all the hair falling out constantly (way more than girl shedding, that’s totally normal).Jennie Garth

Recently, it was getting so bad, I half way expected to walk into the hair salon with long hair and leave with super short hair like Jennie Garth (pictured right). I didn’t expect to be able to salvage much of my hair. That would have been a drastic change, but luckily my hair was much fuller near the top than expected so I have a full a-line bob now instead of long and stringy thyroid hair!

Here’s my before and after…well actually a during and after because I forgot the before:

Before & After

                                              Before & After


*My doctors are all aware of my hair loss and other (likely) thyroid issues. I’ve switched up my medications a little bit and am continuing to get blood work to monitor my thyroid using clinical data because it’s not an overnight fixable symptom. And as you can see above I still have a lot of hair to go before I’ll have to do something more drastic.

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