Understanding My Weight Gain :/

So I’ve gained like 30lbs in the last couple of years (I think some of this is freshman 15 and newly wed lbs…so I’m not blaming Lyme for every pound. But in the last 1.5 years since I got my diagnosis I have gained 15-20lbs and it is so frustrating because my weight keeps going up.  My calorie intake does not equal this kind of increase.  My doctors have told me multiple times that it is just part of the process, but last week I asked my naturopathic doctor about it and she had a great explanation of what’s going on with my body. 

So from what I remember, there are four stages that your cells can be in:

Stage 1 (healthy normal cells)- in this stage your body can process toxins like pollution, pesticides on foods, etc., Things come in and go out through the bodies lymph system, sweat glands, bowels, urine, etc. 

Stage 2 (cells can’t keep up with toxicity) – when you have more than normal toxins in your life…so people living with mold, compromised immune systems, allergies, etc. Their bodies cells take on extra fluid to try and process all the toxins. They can help themselves by doing cleanses, colonics, workouts, etc to help the body detoxify. But it is important to remove as many toxins as possible, like doing mold remediation, eating clean and pure foods, drinking filtered water, etc.

Stage 3 (cells are more than 1/2 full of toxins and expand a lot) this is the stage I am in. From Lyme my system is compromised and my cells have taken on a lot of fluid to try and balance out the toxins but it is a losing battle. The pathways my body uses to detoxify are completely congested and have been that way for a while–especially my lymph system. So my body is trying to detox with saunas, detox drops, foot baths, colonics, etc and it takes a long time to clear these passage ways. As detox happens your body slowly graduates back to Stage 2 and then to Stage 1. With each step up the body is able to flush the toxins and extra water weight. 

There is a Stage 4 (where the person is EXTREMELY overburdened by toxins) so the body struggles even more with detoxing. 

I’m not sure much about stage 4 because we focused mostly on 3, 2 and 1. So if you are anything like me your body’s cells are retaining fluid to try and combat the toxins flooding your system. Best thing to do is consistently detox. My naturopathic doctor who explained the stages to me encourages me to do castor oil packs on my entire abdomen and kidneys each night, drink detox drops in pure water 3x each day, make sure I clean all my fruits and veggies really well before eating and the list goes on and on.  In January, my primary Lyme specialist told me I need to stop eating dairy to help my lymphatic system.  I learned dairy is a natural inflammatory so it will just puff you up even more. (The worst part of giving up dairy, was ice cream was my favorite thing to eat, but I knew it was for the better.  Now I’ve been off all dairy for so long, when I do have it I get super sick.  I’ve had to learn to ask restaurants which things are safe for me to eat and it is so worth it.  No, I haven’t lost any weight yet, I’ve actually gained more, but my lymph system is about 30% less congested…glad I’m making progress.

Understanding the stages of cells and toxicity does not make me feel any more attractive, but it makes sense as to what’s going on with my body. No wonder I’m gaining weight! My goal now is safely and consistently detoxing my system in every angle (through skin; mouth-meds, food, homeopathy drops, green non-dairy smoothies; colon-coffee enemas and colonics; and nose/sinus’s…basically everything I can do without over-detoxing my body.  The unfortunate reality is I’m not going to magically clear all these toxins out before I go on vacation with my family to Mexico or my sisters wedding…I’m so bummed I’m gonna be heavy for these photo-op moments, but hopefully in a year I will be able to get back down to my comfortable size. Oh vey. At least I understand it now.

PS-I am not a doctor and do not claim to fully understand this theory.  Work with your doctor(s) if you are struggling with your weight because I can only speak on behalf of my body.  #thesedisclosuresmakemefeelsillybutI’mscarednottohaveone

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